Why is my hair thinning. I am female, 60 & do not take any hormone replacements. Is this the reason?

My hair is thinning on the top and sides. Can I reverse this or improve this problem and with what?

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hair loss and thinning hair?

I am 24 years old hair thinning at the top ( 3inches by 3.5 inches). The hair on top of my head is very thin now, and u can almost see through to my scalp. i have no idea i was balding until last week i went to have my hair cut he told me [...]

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In sleep, while awake, and the time in between,I cannot stop thinking of you, my queen.The smell of your hair, the touch of hand, Snow white's NOT the fairest in all the land. The way you look deep into my eyes,The reason your hand is just the right size.I do not know why, but I feel it is true,That you are for me, and I am for you.If trouble or harm should get in your way,Than they will both have an unlucky day.For I will come to rescue my dear,And then fight away all that you fear.I' [...]

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This, this is my electrocityThis, this is my electrocityI walk on these streets at nightWhat direction to take, left or rightDoesn't matter, doesn't matterWithout destination is much betterCars in the bridge, pillage and thievesGarbage everywhere, polution in the airMoon hidden, no stars, no stars in the skyI keep walking on these streetsAnd I hear the lights making noiseTheir kind offbeat and kind upbeatYeah, this is my electrocityAlways alive e agitated

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