Transistorized Dip Meter

This dip meters use 2SC2369 transistor for RF Oscillator and 2SC458 for AM Tone Oscillator. VR 10 K potentiometer is a linear type it adjust the working voltage of the RF oscillator part from 0~9 Volt DC, it influence the meter reading sensitivity and in the instance the RF power. This Dip meter is a multi-function; it can also be used as a field strength meter and or AM transmission monitor when a headphone replaces the meter. Beside it can be used as a RF signal generator for receive [...]

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Simple RF Probe

This simple RF probe can be used to determine if the oscillator is working. It will not tell you the frequency (you need a good RF frequency counter for that), but at least you will know if it is oscillating or not. This RF probe is useful for any low level RF work, and simply connects to your multimeter. The voltage shown will not be accurate, since this is a rectifier probe, but the measurements are good enough for you to be able to determine where the RF stops, or if a stage is not [...]

29/06/2009 | TEST AND MEASUREMENT | probe

88-108 MHz Voltage Controlled Oscilator for PLL Controller

This Circuit will explain the PLL unit and the VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) which will create the FM modulated RF signal up to 400mW. the schematic to follow my function description. The main oscillator is based around the transistor Q1. This oscillator is called Colpitts oscillator and it is voltage controlled to achieve FM frequency modulation) and PLL control.Q1 should be a HF transistor to work well, but in this case I have used a cheap and common BC817 transistor which work [...]

29/06/2009 | RADIO FREQUENCY CIRCUIT | voltage controlled

Designing RF Probes

This circuit is an RF probe that is used to directly measure the level of RF voltage present at a particular point and is one of the most useful test instrument in the hands of the home brewer. This RF Probe is normally used with a digital multi meter to indicate the voltage level as dc voltage which is equivalent to the RMS value of the RF voltage being measured. However, the level of RF voltage being measured provides useful information only when the probe has been designed for use w [...]

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Variable RF attenuator with PIN diode

Variable RF attenuators are often used to control the level of a radio frequency signal using a control voltage in RF design. These variable RF attenuators can even be used in programmable RF attenuators. Here the known voltage generated by a computer for example can be applied to the circuit and in this way create a programmable RF attenuator. Often when designing or using variable or programmable RF attenuators, it is necessary to ensure that the RF attenuator retains a constant impe [...]

29/06/2009 | Radio Frequency Circuits Resource For Transmitter Hobbies | rf attenuator

An Advanced VHF Wattmeter

This homebrew instrument is an RF power meter project.It presented a simple instrument for the homebrewer to measure RF power well through VHF. There are two meters and more controls that are associated with the instrument’s low-frequency signal processing or “support” circuitry. The reference instrument incorporated a built-in analog meter and provision to connect an external DVM. It also utilized a conversion chart to relate meter readings to RF power. Both digital and analog display [...]

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