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24/07/2013 | DICAS E RESPOSTAS - As Dicas Mais Quentes da Internet | Internet | simpatias

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Google DoubleClick Caught Serving Malicious Ad

DoubleClick, the Google-owned ad technology, has been distributing malware in an online ad served through a number of websites, according to the security researcher who says he discovered the attack.

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Upcoming change in the “Slot” field for reports

As part of our updates to the design and experience of Google Search and all of our other products, we are introducing new ad placements on Google Search. This will result in a visible change on the “Display Name” and “XML Attribute” values of the “Slot” field in the following reports: Account Performance Ad Performance Ad Extension Performance Ad Group Performance Campaign Performance Criteria Destination URL Keywords Performance Managed Placements Performance After this change, “Disp [...]

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Lady Gaga Google Chrome Ad Loved! [...]

Lady Gaga Google Chrome Ad Loved!

24/07/2013 | Gamer s Life | lady gaga

AdSense Management API and Chart Tools week: Wednesday

Welcome back to Chart Tools week here on the blog, where we're continuing our overview of generating charts for your AdSense reporting with Google Chart Tools. Today we’ll examine how to generate two other types of charts: a table chart and a geo chart. Table chart The third chart requested by our CEO is a table chart. The table chart will contain the number of ad requests, the number of matched ad requests, and the number of individual ad impressions broken down by ad client ID. Our r [...]

24/07/2013 | games e filmes no Rocha Games aqui você tem | chart