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Javascript's funcionais

Segue alguns códigos em javascript bastante úteis a serem incorporados num html por exemplo. Continue lendo para ver o código   Códigos para pegar substring à direita ou esquerda: function Right(str, numChar) { if (numChar <= 0) return ""; else if (numChar > String(str).length) return str; else { var iLen = String(str).length; return String(str).substring(iLen, iLen - numChar); } } function Left(str, numChar) { if (numChar <= 0) return ""; else if (numChar > String(str [...]

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Locus 3D - One Page Template with Blog (Portfolio)

Dark / Light layouts 7 color options 8 font options 4 slider options (Nivo, Cycle, Piecemaker, Accordion) Font-face jQuery Enhanced Filtered portfolio (Quicksand) News Carousel MP3 , MP4, Mov, FLV embedding options in lightbox Blog and blog post pages Working contact form Very well documented 16 Labelled and layered PSDs Twitter script for displaying latest tweets Rich style options (columns, buttons, HTML elements) Valid XHTML / CSS

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