Pegadinha do João Kleber – Macumbeiro Iniciante

Pegadinha do Joao Kleber – Marquinhos: Macumbeiro chama pedestre de galinha a acaba apanhando! ENGLISH: This prank is about a beginner “saint’s father” (uhauhauha i dont know how to translate “macumbeiro”, devotee of the Umbanda religion) that have a candle and a cigar, but dont have a chicken… So, he call the womans of chickens [...]

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Pegadinha do João Kleber – Cadeira de Rodas

Pegadinha do Joao Kleber – Rene: Cadeira de rodas trava na rua e deixa pedestre desesperado! ENGLISH: This prank is about a fake paraplegic man in wheelchair that falls in the ground. When the person give him a help the man raises up and say that dont is a paraplegic. (sorry my bad english) PS1: [...]

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How to make HHO Gas also Known As Brown Gas?

Have looked at this "hho" gas and found that it is nothing more than hydrogen and oxygen. basically there is nothing special about it at all! having said that I am very interested in it the possibility of it saving a lot of money in the form of gas. I have been testing the idea and i have to say that if done right it very well may work.If you want to try it is very simple but please do it safely!!!First know that as i say hho is hydrogen and very flammable as the oxygen needed for comb [...]

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Better Off Alone - Sissel

Girl dont be sad You know what youre missing No reason to feel bad He dont mean much with his kisses Youre gonna make it through You have always been surviving Ive got faith in you And I know youll get it going But you cant go back To what it never was To repossess, what you never owned But you cant go back To what it never was This is that time, this is that time When youre better off alone Girl dont you see Theres nothing more to see there Youve got a friend in me And I will a [...]

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The Walking Dead, Season 1. Episode 2

This series is getting better as it goes along. I know that it is only the second episode, but the quality of it feels like you are watching a film and the story is very like zombie movies I have seen in the past and enjoyed. I like everything about it so I am glad that this show seems to have been renewed for another season!!! Last week, Sheriff Rick Grimes was trapped in a tank surrounded by hundreds of hungry zombies....A voice came to him over the radio...This week begins with Rick [...]

16/02/2011 | Jigsaw s Lair | the walking dead

If i had an umbrella...

I want to be able to make some changes in my life, but at the same time i`m feeling so lonely...Gustavo it`s going away and is like i enter in a fragility mode, I have my friends Paulo and Bia...I wish he was here near me, i want bia never left..i miss so much jovane here again. Oh god how i`m feeling so lonely...nobody wants to know anymore of friendship and the people that reach you have always second intentions. The world is so cruel, i thought that i have found the right person in [...]

16/02/2011 | Fina Frô | want to be