Batalha de Moscovo The Battle for Moscow lasted from late autumn of 1941 to mid-spring of 1942. Some seven million people were involved, including all the residents of Moscow. The whole country united to fight for the main city. And finally, as a result of great moral power and excellent strategy, the Nazis were defeated. The battle for Moscow marked the first major defeat of fascist Germany in World War II. Homem cai sobre trilhos, puxado para fora na frente do trem em movimento A man [...]

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Cristiano's after-match comments:

"There were a lot of fouls and a lot of anti-football and it is difficult to play in that sort of condition, but we showed a positive attitude and we were able to win and put the controversy behind us." "The win is for Mourinho. He wasn't on the bench for us today, but we knew what his orders were. The goal may have arrived late, but the main thing is that it arrived," added the striker, who also commented on the hostile atmosphere his side encountered from the Sporting fans, who [...]

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Bulgaria's Pleven Wants to Set Up Russian-Slavic University

Bulgaria's northern city of Pleven plans to ask Moscow for support in the opening of a Russian university on the spot of former military facilities no longer in use.Pleven Mayor Nayden Zelenogorski announced Monday at a news conference that the Pleven Municipality will ask the new Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, for support of the project.The idea was already backed by the governor of the

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Do you REALLY love NY? Visit the Museum of the City of New York...

Times Square in 1919A very interesting tip outside of the main WONDERFUL museum circuit in NY is the Museum of the City of New York. This is for those who want to learn more about the marvelous NYC!!! Museum of the City of New YorkVery well organized and with very detailed explanations, the Museum of the City of New York takes the visitor to a trip through the history of the city... The Museum presents facts from the origins of the city, when the Dutch Republic first founded New A [...]

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Moscow authorities disclose salaries of foreign workers on internet

The Moscow city government published the monthly salaries of thousands of foreign workers on its website on Wednesday.As well as income, the list details the company name and address, and job description of every work-permit holder in Moscow. It does not disclose any names.Mayor Sergei Sobyanin asked the labor department on Friday to publish its data on foreigners working in Moscow in a bid to

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Peter Murphy

No coments: The Scarlet Thing In You From the world to the dreaming fields of light Yeah from the soaking mud Gonna fly up to the sky To the scarlet thing in you On a long lost ocean wave of light Submerged and unafraid I saw you You were one I saw you You were one No way back to recall the way Cause I threw out all the why's Spinning with the spider in the cave Found the scarlet thing in you Where the birds can't reach No words can teach Spinning in the cave For the scarlet thing in y [...]

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