Nomes de Todos os Memes

Forever aloneHappy forever aloneOkayNoI See What You Did ThereAre You ******* Kidding MeMe gustaMe Gusta Female/Make UpInglipSweet Jesus/Sweet Jesus Have MercyPPFFFTTCHMilk Rage FacePoker faceDerpina/Derpette**** Yea(h)Oh godRage guy (fuuu)Happy rage guy **** That Guy/**** That Shit Everything Went Better Than ExpectedLolMother of GodGTFOTroll faceTroll face girlFapY U NOAre You Serious/SeriouslyChallenge AcceptedSmiling Crying Face

16/03/2012 | Devaneios Esporádicos | Humor | what you did

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Memes da vida real

FUCK YEA! Fuuuuu face   Forever alone Troll face Lol face Me Gusta Poker face Y U No Guy OMG Rage face

16/03/2012 | mataleone | face

Personagens do Super Mario em Memes

Mario = FUUUUUUU (Rage) Princesa Peach = Me Gusta Toad = Y U No Guy Bowser = Troll Face Luigi = Okay Donkey Kong = Forever Alone

16/03/2012 | Paçoquinha | super mario


We only dream of what we know. Our dreams are frequently full of strangers who play out certain parts – did you know that your mind is not inventing those faces – they are real faces of real people that you have seen during your life but may not know or remember? The evil killer in your latest dream may be the guy who pumped petrol into your dad’s car when you were just a little kid. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of c [...]

16/03/2012 | Toca do Lobo (Wolf Burrow) quot El Brujo quot | faces

O que é Meme? - Quais são os memes? - Qual o Nome desse meme?

O que é um meme?   Memes são vídeos, frases, imagens ou até mesmo uma idéia qualquer que se propaga na internet de uma pessoa para outra sem uma razão lógica. Ele são engraçados, por isso conseguem se espanhar rapidamente.   Confira alguns exemplos de memes famosos na rede:   Sweet Jesus Face I Lied FFFUUUU Okay Poker Face Fuck That Guy Me Gusta Forever Alone Troll Face

16/03/2012 | Peixe Afogado | meme

face the reality

Don't pretend that it's never happened Don't pretend that you don't care Don't pretend that it's just your imagination There is a world out there And you have to live it And you have to face it It's now or never, and forever. Don't pretend that it's just a dream 'bout wars Don't pretend that you can't anymore Don't pretend that it's gonna end soon 'Cause you don't even saw the moon Yet... And there a world out there And you have to live it and you have to face it It's now or never, and forever.

16/03/2012 | Marcos LS | you have to