Como usar o Superlativo em Inglês - I

Vou mandar hoje mais algumas dicas de sobre o uso do superlativo em Inglês. Oldest x eldest:That house is the oldest building in the city.(não use the eldest). O uso do eldest ou oldest quando estamos falando sobre pessoas na familia: My eldest/oldest son is 15 years old.Assim não devemos usar eldest para the eldest car, the eldest building, etc.. Após o superlativos usamos in para lugares(cidades, prédios, etc): What is the biggest sea in the world?(not of the world); Who is the best [...]

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salvador capital of joy

Salvador (in full,São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos,or literal translation:''Holy Savior of Saints Bay'') is a city on the Northeast coast of Brazil and the capital of Northeastern Brazilian State of Bahia .The city is one of the oldest in Brazil and in New world ,and was for a long time also know as Bahia,and appears under that name (or as Salvador da Bahia ,Salvador of Bahia so as to differentiate it from other Brazilian cities of the same name) on many maps and books from bef [...]

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I am the only child yeah, yeah, I already know all the jokes you are thinking, Fabio is the oldest brother, so Anita, my first born, is also the first grandchild in both families.The day she was born, just a couple of hours later, I hear my mother in law talking to my mum:- Cirlei, it is not because she is my grandchild, but isn't she just P E R F E C T?And my mother, impartial as one can be:- Leya, you are so right, she is just G O R G E O U SOh dear...

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The Chemistry of Laptop Batteries Explained

Laptop batteries come in all shapes and sizes also differ in their chemical composition. The chemistry of a battery refers to the chemical make-up of the cells inside the outer casing. The most common chemistries used in laptop batteries are:NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) This is the oldest technology and is the least commonly used nowadays. NiCad batteries are prone to the "Memory effect" and are heavier than the newer technologies. NiCad is not environmentally friendly chemistry as it contai [...]

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David Guetta - The World is mine

David Guetta - The World is mine The World is mineThe World is mineThe World is mine I belive in the wonderi belive this new life do canLike a god that I´m underThere´s a drug running through my veigns I belive in the wonderI belive i can touch the flameThere´s a spell that I´m undergot to fly, I donpt feel no shame The World is mineThe World is mineThe World is mine I´ve lost my fears to war and peaceI don´t mind that (The World is mine)you took the price and realizethat to your eyes [...]

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Topsail Rock / Pedra da Gávea

One thing that I like the most in Rio is that the city is not only surrounded by awesome beaches, but also by many green (as you could see on my previous post), mountains and rocks! One of the most amazing is Pedra da Gávea (Topsail Rock) that rises 842 meters (2,763 feet) above the sea level and is the world’s largest monolith on a coastline. It can be reached by a quite heavy hiking, but this is a worthwhile adventure because of the breathtaking view of the city from above! The rock [...]

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