[Artigo] - Tratamento de mordida aberta esquelética Classe lll grave utilizando Ancoragem com implante

"Skeletal Class lll Severe Openbite Treatment Using Implant AnchorageYuichi Sakaia; Shingo Kurodab; Sakhr A. Murshidc; Teruko Takano-YamamotodAbstract: A female patient with a skeletal Class III severe anterior openbite was treated using miniplates as the anchorage. The patient was 15 years and 10 months of age when she reported to our university hospital with a chief complaint of anterior openbite and reversed occlusion. The patient had an anterior openbite with an over [...]

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Knee and Leg

A Patient's Experience with Arthritis of the KneesA Patient's Experience with Osteoarthritis of the KneesA Patient's Experience with Torn ACLA Patient's Experience with Vitamin D Deficiency/Fragility FractureACL Injury: Does It Require Surgery?Activities After a Knee ReplacementAdditional Resources on the KneeAdolescent Anterior Knee PainAnesthesia for Hip and Knee SurgeryArthritis of the KneeArtritis de la rodilla (Arthritis of the Knee) Athletic ShoesBowed LegsBurning Thigh Pain (Mer [...]

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[ Artigo ] - Mudanças Verticais e Anteroposteriores em Maxilar a Longo Prazo em Padrões Esqueléticos de Classe II em Pacientes Tratados com Expansão M

" Long-term Anteroposterior and Vertical Maxillary Changes in Skeletal Class II Patients Treated with Slow and Rapid Maxillary ExpansionRoberto M.A. Lima Filhoa; Antonio C.O. RuellasbABSTRACT:Objective: To evaluate a 10-year follow-up of anteroposterior and vertical maxillary changes in skeletal Class II patients treated with slow and rapid maxillary expansion methods.Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of 70 patients divided into two groups: (1) treated with a c [...]

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Stem cells used in stroke trial

Doctors in Glasgow have injected stem cells into the brain of a stroke patient in an effort to find a new treatment for the condition.The elderly man is the first person in the world to receive this treatment - the start of a regulated trial at Southern General Hospital.He was given very low doses over the weekend and has since been discharged - and his doctors say he is doing well.Critics

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Recovery after surgery

The pain after surgery is much lower than that of conventional surgery, and usually the patient stays one day in the hospital and return to normal activities in 10 to 15 days. Being an abdominal surgery, however slight it may be, there will certainly be some post-operative pain, and possible nausea and vomiting occur within 12 hours, but the effects are now much smaller than those of old, in conventional surgery. If a liquid diet is well tolerated and there is vomiting, the patient is [...]

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