100 MHz Ground Plane FM Antenna

Here's a simple fm antenna plan you can find. This simple ground plane antenna works well in the FM Band 88-108 MHz. It's built of a small plastic disk (around 5cm in diameter, not critical) and stiff copper wire (preferably enamel coated) some 3mm thick. It's omnidirectional, therefore it works equally well in all directions. This makes it suitable for most applications. 100 MHz Ground Plane FM Antenna Plan

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Ring Circular Polarized Antenna for 88-108 MHz

This simple antenna called Ring Circular Polarized Antenna. You should construct this antenna with .5 inch copper. With a little experiment I did, antenna can be tuned in 88-108 MHz FM frequency range with only changing the vertical elements. The secret is a ratio of vertical and horizontal dimensions. In FM transmitter you need signal transmitted to any direction so you need antenna type that transmitted with polarized circularly. Antenna Gain -3.2 dB, bandwith 500 KHz with maximum po [...]

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Yagi Antenna 88-108 MHz

This antenna below is a construction of an Yagi antenna calculated for the FM broadcasting band 88 - 108 MHz. The central frequency used for 100MHz. You can extrapolate easily below for others frequency grace to values of diagrams. This antenna is less difficult to construct than the one presented on the previous page. Description The goal of this page is to help you to construct an antenna, not to make the theory of this one, theory complex strong to staying it. Here are some definiti [...]

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High Gain TV Antenna Boosters

This is a small, broad band, signal Antenna boosters which covers the frequencies from 40 to 900 MHz. These frequencies include TV in VHF and UHF and also the radio broadcasting frequencies in the 88 - 108 MHz FM band. It is connected between the antenna and the input of your receiver and boosts the signals by up to 20 dB, thus making it possible to receive even the weakest signals.Technical Specifications Frequency range: 40-860 MHz Signal gain: 15-22 dB Input/output impedance: 75 Ohm [...]

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Circular Polarized FM Broadcast Antenna 88-108 MHz

Here's the diagram of Circular polarized FM antenna for FM broadcast band 88-108 MHz. If you want to stack the antenna use jumper cable as you can see at the diagram.See more about FM antenna stacking. Welcome to experimentFM Antenna Diagram in detail

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Wideband FM Transmitter 88-108 MHz

This FM transmitter is for the 88MHz to 108 MHz band. This particular TX is of special interest to those wishing to build low power Power Amplifiers for the VHF bands since it used impedance matching, power amplifier and antenna filtering, all of which should be used by radio constructors, whether it be for amateur radio or any other form of radio. FM Transmitter Circuit The circuit itself is fairly conventional, with a couple of small refinements. It all begins with TR1 (BC547) in an [...]

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